Blackford Highland Games

Saturday 28th May 2022



Blackford Highland Games are regulated by the Scottish Highland Games Association, all athletes must be registered with the latter to compete. This can be done by annual subscription or on a daily basis by registering with the SHGA official on the day of the games. The SHGA website is an excellent resource for athletes and potential athletes (some resources are include right). Our handicapper is Adam Crawford (contact details below) and our judges descision on who can compete on the day is final. This is especially true of the heavyweight judges, they are responsible for the safety of competitiors and spectators in a potentially hazardous sport.

The "New to Highland games" in particular should be studied by all prospective athletes.


Highland Dancing-

New organiser to be announced.


Adam Crawford, Tel: 01592 753439  e-mail:

Protection of children and vulnerable adults-

Our child wellbeing and protection officer is Mrs. I Ryder. If you have any issuses or queries or require a copy of our protection policy please e-mail us for her attention.